Fire Extinguishers
Make sure you’re prepared for those critical first two minutes of a fire. Choose from a complete line of ANSUL portable fire extinguishers to protect your people and property.

Industrial / Vehicle Fire Suppression
For fire hazards found in industrial settings, ANSUL® dry chemical systems provide the flexibility based on the size and configuration of the application. Both systems provide automatic or manual operation and detection/alarm/release capabilities.

Restaurant Fire Suppression
When it comes to protecting your kitchen equipment from fire… ANSUL® products protect more food service kitchens than any other brand.

Detection and Control Equipment
When automatic 24-7 fire protection is required, select from our complete line of AUTOPULSE® detection, control and fire suppression system release panels.

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems
From small vehicles to large non-road equipment, you’ll find ANSUL systems protecting excavators, haul trucks, loaders, drag lines, dozers, drills, scrapers, graders, compactors, slag pot carriers, underground mining equipment, forestry and agricultural vehicles.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Equipment
The original "clean agent," carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind water, foam, or dry chemical to damage sensitive equipment. And because there is no agent to clean up, you're back in business faster.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression
The top clean-agent systems on the market have ANSUL® written all over them. Choose from SUSTAINABLE technology… INERGEN® Inert Gas Systems or SAPPHIRE® Systems with 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fluid.

Dry Ice
Dry Ice for Shipping/Transporting and storage of food stuffs and medical and lab shipments.

First Aid
We carry a variety of quality first aid items.

Fire Alarms
Most commercial and industrial occupancies have some type of fire alarm system. Automatic Fire Control can design and install automatic fire alarm systems and voice evacuation systems

CO2 cylinders available for use in restaurant and the entertainment industry, as well as the recharging of individually owned cylinders.

Helium cylinders and adaptors available for rental for businesses and individuals.

SENTRY® Stored-Pressure Fire Extinguishers
When economy and performance are equally important, select from the SENTRY line of stored pressure, hand portable fire extinguishers.

RED LINE Cartridge-Operated Extinguishers
RED LINE cartridge-operated extinguishers are the premium firefighting units preferred by safety directors in high fire-risk industries.

RED LINE® Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
RED LINE wheeled extinguishers are designed to protect high fire-risk areas where the potential for large fires exists.

CLEANGUARD® Clean-Agent Fire Extinguishers
CLEANGUARD hand portable extinguishers contain DuPont FE-36® where the agent must be clean, electrically nonconductive, environment friendly, extremely low in toxicity, and exceptionally effective.

K-GUARD® Kitchen-Class Fire Extinguishers
K-GUARD fire extinguishers contain ANSULEX® liquid fire suppressant to quickly knock down the flames, form a vapor-securing blanket, and cool the grease and surrounding surfaces.