Automatic Fire Control

About Us

Established in 1981, Automatic Fire Control has been installing and servicing fire protection equipment in restaurants and commercial businesses for more than 36 years.

Commitment to Excellence

Originally started and operated by Dick Koetter, Automatic Fire Control is now under the leadership of his son, Jeremy Kubicki. We are continually growing and expanding our product lines and service capacities.

Automatic Fire Control is committed to error free performance. We are committed to the continuous improvement to the quality process, assuring consistent conformance to customer’s expectations.

These objectives are achieved within Automatic Fire Control through a culture that embraces a customer focus attitude through the daily involvement of every employee, manager, and owner. We gauge our success by our customer’s success. Our quality plan is fluid and flexible, representing a snapshot of Automatic Fire Control’s journey toward excellence.

Automatic Fire Control considers the safety of its employees and the security of hazardous materials a major responsibility. The policy of this company is to provide the safest and securest working conditions possible. Everyone, including employees and officers, is expected to perform their tasks in a safe, efficient manner. This institution recognizes that the prevention of accidental injury, damage to facility or equipment, and security breaches will only be successful with the following: support from the administration, adequate action, and coordination, advice from the officers and employees, and willing cooperation of all employees.