Automatic Fire Control provides beverage grade carbon dioxide in the metro area to restaurants, breweries, event venues, fast food chains, and convenience stores.


CO2 cylinders available for use in restaurant and entertainment industry, as well as the recharging of individually owned cylinders.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a pure and natural gas that is a major component of the Earth’s atmosphere, being evenly distributed over the earth's surface at a concentration of about 0.033% or 330 parts per million . CO2 is fundamental to the basic life cycle in nature. Humans and animals exhale CO2 and then plants absorb it to help them grow. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which humans and animals depend on for survival.

Commercially, CO2 finds uses as a refrigerant (dry ice is solid CO2), in beverage carbonation, and in fire extinguishers. Because the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is low, it is not practical to obtain the gas by extracting it from air. Most commercial carbon dioxide is recovered as a by-product of other processes.

CO2 is safe! A 12 gram CO2 cylinder has the same amount of CO2 found in a one liter bottle of soda. All of Automatic Fire Control’s CO2 cylinders are hydrostatic tested to ensure safety.

Automatic Fire Control supplies the Greater Oklahoma City Area restaurant and beverage industries with their CO2 gas needs. We specialize in 20 lb. and 50 lb. cylinder refills, with pick ups and deliveries on either a route basis or call-in basis.

We also fill customer’s cylinders while they wait. For this reason, many home brewers and paint ball enthusiasts bring their cylinders for refilling to our facility.

CO2 Data Sheet