No matter what occasion you celebrate, helium-filled balloons can add a special element to it. Whether for business, retail, or personal use, Automatic Fire Control has a variety of options available to suit your needs.

Helium Cylinder Rentals

Automatic Fire Control provides 50 and 20 lb. helium rental cylinders. Companies such as restaurants, automobile car lots, party supply stores, pharmacies and more keep a Helium cylinder available for inflating balloons either for their own purposes or for selling inflated balloons.

Helium Cylinder Refills

Automatic Fire Control will come to your place of business and pick up the empty Helium rental tank and leave a full rental tank as needed. We can also provide a 20 lb. helium tank to customers for weekend parties and events. This size tank can be picked up at our facility.

Balloon Regulators

Automatic Fire Control recommends using balloon regulators with a gauge, so that overfilling of balloons does not occur.

We supply a balloon regulator with all of our cylinder rentals. We also sell regulators to the public.

Please observe the following safety precautions when handling high pressure helium cylinders.

What to do

  • Read, understand and observe the safety precautions on the cylinder neck label and the warning label on the side of the cylinder.
  • Store and use helium cylinders in a well ventilated area and in a upright secured position so they cannot be knocked over.

Cylinders must Be chained to a wall or placed in a safety stand at all times.

  • Close the cylinder valve after each use and when cylinder is empty. Remove the regulator and replace the cylinder protective cap before transporting any helium cylinders.
  • Use a cylinder cart to move cylinders.
  • Always open cylinder valves very, very s-l-o-w-l-y. Stand to one side of the cylinder when opening the valve, Never stand directly in front of the cylinder.

What NOT to do

  • Do not allow anyone to breathe helium from cylinders or filled balloons.
  • Do not open the cylinder valve before attaching a balloon regulator on the cylinder valve.
  • Do not allow children or any unauthorized people to handle cylinders or use balloon filling equipment.

Never leave a cylinder unattended in a public area.

  • Never use any balloon regulator, cylinder or valve fitting that is damaged, leaking or malfunctioning. Have the product repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Do not drop, drag, tip over or roll the helium cylinder on its side.